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When did I become the old person in the office?

When did I get old? — November 19, 2018

When did I get old?

Do you remember the moment you realized the world knows you aren’t as young as you used to be? I may have had a few hints, but I know the exact instant it happened.

I was at my girlfriend’s bachelorette party (typical scenario including raunchy gifts, rowdy girls and pitchers of beer at  country & western bar). We were downing the drinks and then it was my turn to buy. I scampered up to the bar and stood there and waited…and waited…and waited to get the bartender’s attention and no, he wasn’t THAT busy.

Somehow I had achieved invisibility at the ripe old age of 42. Damn. I used to be so cute, too. I tried smiling real big and tapping my hand on the bar, but nothing. Well crap, what’s a girl supposed to do now?

Yep, had to pull out the big guns (no, not those guns. Didn’t feel like being arrested for indecent exposure). The financial guns. Once I waved the Platinum card, the bartender finally noticed my presence.

Yeah, that was a sad, sad day and the beginning of my journey to accept a new normal.

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