It seems like the press is full of commentary on Baby Boomers and Millennials, but as a proud founding member of Generation X, I’m thinking we should get our due. A quick internet search says the Generation X is the one following the Baby Boomers, although I’d rather not be defined by what I am not.

Generation X encompasses people born between 1965 and the early 80’s. We’ve been called the MTV generation, the first group of “latchkey” kids, the first group of kids heavily affected by the rising divorce rate, a group of rebellious, cynical, independent thinkers, a group struggling to find our place while not really wanting to be categorized, a generation questioning authority and the permanence of relationships.

Seems to me that the idealism and loyalty of the earlier generations gave way to a recognition of the new world reality, and we were the group to blaze that particular trail. The funny part of my research (generic reference to something I saw in a Google search) has shown Generation X to be pretty well-adjusted adults.  How the heck did that happen, given our cynical nature?

Speaking for myself, I am fairly well-adjusted. Life isn’t perfect, but it could be a lot worse and I have a theory.

I think people are happier when they accept reality. Not saying reality is necessarily a pleasant thing, but accepting it is key. I also think people are happier when they have the space to question the status quo and have room to search for their own life, rather than having it dictated. Generation X has had to define itself and find our own identity. Not an easy task but very rewarding once you hit mid-life and beyond.

Maybe that’s just Generation-X-me speaking, though.